Alina Hill

Alina Hill
Alina Hill
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Alina Hill

Occupational group
Acting age
22 - 32 Years  
176 cm
Place of residence
Frankfurt/Main / Rhine-Main | Hamburg | Vienna
Steuerlicher Wohnsitz
currently guest engagement at a theatre in
Hamburg - Staatsoper
German (Native language) | Arabic (Basic skills) | English (fluent)
GER - Bavarian
Original dialect
GER - Hessian
Pitch of voice
Musical instruments
guitar | ukulele
vocal training | stage singing
dance theatre | dance education | expressive dance | ballet | stage dance | freestyle | hip hop | jazz dance | butoh | modern dance
cheerleading | fitness training | horse riding | hiking | aikido | ballet | martial arts | climbing | weight training | pilates | ice skating | western riding | yoga | capoeira | dressage | figure skating | kung fu | show-jumping
Driving licence
B - Car
Hair colour
Eye colour
Figure / Build
athletic / sporty


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from to Production Role Director Casting Director Channel
2017 2017 Auf Ewig Nah / Kurzfilm Gina Lukas Scheja Artrium Productions
2017 2017 The Midas Touch Waitress Tilman Borck Kinofilm
2015 2015 Hunting Shadows / Kurzfilm Mischa Lukas Scheja Artrium Productions
2014 2014 Livin' it up (MIU) Tänzerin Johannes Carstens Musikvideo
from to Play Role Director Casting Director Theatre
2015 2015 Der Ring: Siegfried/Götterdämmerung Teil des chinesischen Drachens Antú Romero Nunes Thalia Theater Hamburg
09/2017 11/2017 Il ritorno d'Ulisse in partia Donna Willi Decker Staatsoper Hamburg
07/2014 08/2014 Julia # Romeo.puR Benvolio Lukas Scheja, Stela Korljan Eine Produktion der Schauspielschule Artrium
03/2017 05/2017 Die Frau ohne Schatten Tanzdouble der Färberin Andreas Kriegenburg Staatsoper Hamburg
01/2017 02/2017 "Du, Weißt du eigentlich wie der Regen weint?" (Tanzinszenierung) Hildegard Jadamowicz Stela Korljan Nikolaikirche Flensburg
from to  
2013 2017 Artrium - Schauspielschule für Bühne und Film(ASBF) Hamburg
2017 2018 Masterclass Acting - Artrium Schauspielschule für Bühne und Film Hamburg bei Lukas Scheja
2010 2011 Stage School for Music Dance and Drama Hamburg
Special features (selection)
seit 2005:

Leitung der TVG Kittens (Künstlerisches Projekt des Turnverein Gonzenheim 1894 e.V zur Förderung von Kinder und Jugendlichen in der darstellenden Kunst.
(in diesem Rahmen produziere Stücke: CATS (2006), König der Löwen (2008), Rock it (2009), Windmädchen - frei nach Pocahontas (2016)

I aspire to connect humans all over the world through art. Being a cultural chameleon myself I try to understand what today’s needs of communication, negotiation, and sharing are – on a planet that’s trying to manage its human diversity as well as individual cultures and ideologies. 

I received a diploma in Acting for Stage and Film in Hamburg at Artrium –  International Acting School. My studies derive from roots of three branches studied and refined by my teacher Lukas Scheja, the founder of the school. He created a visionary and contemporary way to approach the art of acting by combining the collected experiences from his international Masters of Acting, Zen, and Karate.  He is constantly developing and tailoring his work to the needs of actors and artists of our time. My personal way of working as an artist is deeply characterized by these roots. 

My inexhaustible curiosity in exploring new ways, cultures, countries, and people let me cross the border of Germany and Europe to make my way as an international artist that is pushing boundaries of „Job Standards“ by extending my Art in many directions. Particularly Writing, Performing, Teaching, Artistic research, Acting, and Listening to people and their stories. 

One big issue on my agenda as an artist is spreading the word to the next generation. I founded a Theatre company for young artists in my hometown in Germany in 2005 for the purpose of giving young people a voice and space to express their thoughts, ideas, and stories.

As an artist I feel it is my responsibility to listen to what is needed in todays world. One thing I discovered is the need of human interaction or more precisely the question of how we can approach each other in times where thousands of people have to leave their homes to restart in a new culture, with a foreign language, with neighbors that come from a completely different backgrounds. Observing these developments and asking at the same time how to enter an overloaded westernized creative business –  I created a performance piece called „Touching 1“. It is a street performance that begins with a very simple Question: What does „touching“ mean for people all over the world. – Spiritual, physical, mental. Is their a common language we are all able to speak?  

Very recently this Performance brought me to the Middle east, where I developed a high interest in Arab-culture and art. Getting back to the importance of spreading the word to the next generation, I started to work in educational projects with Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah and Yes Theatre inHebron,(Palestine). 

In continuing to spend time in the Middle East, learning, listening and experiencing what and how life is in this part of the world, a part of the world that is so often misinterpreted or misunderstood by western people, I’m working to use the connection of art to move people and their various ideologies closer together for the purpose of sharing, understanding, and peace.    

16.06.19 - 22.08.2019 Diverse Theater Projekte in der West-Bank Palästina