Jenny Dolores

Jenny Dolores
Jenny Dolores

Jenny Dolores

Occupational group
Acting age
19 - 29 Years  
163 cm
Place of residence
Frankfurt/Main / Rhine-Main
Steuerlicher Wohnsitz
German (Native language) | English (fluent) | Croatian (fluent) | Spanish (good)
Pitch of voice
ballet | flamenco | jazz dance | salsa
ballet | fitness training | kendo | dancing | martial arts
Hair colour
dark blond
Eye colour
Figure / Build
petite / very slim
grew up in


c/o filmmakers

Ebertplatz 21
50668 Köln
fon +49-(0)221-167 91 .0
fax +49-(0)221-167 91 .26

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from to Production Role Director Casting Director Channel
2017 2017 Marshmallow Sarah Lena Minkus Lena Minkus SWR
2014 2014 Glückspiel Clara Hannes abt Hannes abt Kurzfilm
from to Play Role Director Casting Director Theatre
2017 2018 Bernarda Albas Haus Adela Verena Plümer Wiesbadener Schule für Schauspiel
2016 2017 Väterchen Frost Räuberin CKochan Staatstheater Wiesbaden
2016 2017 Klassenfeind Skylight Packhäuser Wiesbadener Schule für Schauspiel
2015 2016 Schutzflehenden Strandgäste, Ägypter Fiedler Staatstheater Wiesbaden
2007 2008 Ronja Räubertochter Ronja Räubertochter/Hauptrolle Sandra Kirch Brandenburger Theater
from to  
2014 2018 Wiesbadener Schule für Schauspiel
2013 2013 Helden und Loser Workshop (jens Roth)
2014 2014 Bühnenkampf Peter Theiss
203 2015 Camera Acting (Hendrik Martz, Patrick Tauss, W.Packhäuser)
2016 2016 Gesellschaftstanz (Maren Bergholz)
2018 2018 Studiosprechen (Alexander Sonnatg, Martin Plass)

My ambition is to imbue my roles with a certain levity and authenticity. To blur the line between "acting" and "being".

My love for acting began in the nursery school. I was always a petite girl in flowery dresses, but a tuff version with 4 middle fingers on each hand. Till this day I only own one pair of jeans which I only bought for casting purposes. When I was 5 years old I got gum stuck in my hair so badly, that there was no other choice then to cut it down to 2 inches/5 centimetres. An absolute tragedy. I was more into Sailor Moon then the Snow White look. So I figured the best way to deal with this was to tell the other kids that I was a boy named Frankie and had just recently moved into town.

That lit a fire in my and slipping into different characters became  my new passion. 13 years later, my acting school diploma in hand, I am now ready to take on any role. My biggest strengths are my improvisational talent, comedic timing and the portrayal of characters who wear their heart on their sleeve in the age range of 20-27. 

Hysterical, dramatic, fiery, passionate, and just as tuff as vulnerable. Oh, and my absolute dream role would be to play a deceitful pirate.