Michael Krol

Michael Krol
Michael Krol



23 - 34 Jahre  
188 cm 
Berlin / Potsdam, Hamburg, Köln, München, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris  
Steuerlicher Wohnsitz
Deutsch (Muttersprache), Englisch(fließend)  
Bariton / Baritone  
American Football, Kampfsport, Kraftsport  
Greenscreen, Kampfkunst, Motion-Capturing-Darsteller, Schießen, Stuntfight  
braun/brünett / brown/brunette  
blau-grau / blue and gray  
Statur / Körperbau
athletisch-sportliche Statur, muskulöse Statur  
aufgewachsen in


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von bis Produktion Rolle Regie Casting Director Sender
12/2016 12/2016 DÜNNES BLUT Police Officer Mehrdad Taheri N/A TBA
11/2016 11/2016 TOON (S2-E1) BOUNCER Berten Kate N/A KPN Network
09/2016 10/2016 COURAGE Dennis Klaus Vollenberg Klaus Vollenberg YouTube
07/2016 08/2016 IM KNAST GUARD Torsten Wacker N/A ZDFneo
05/2016 05/2016 REWINDER Soldier John Julian N/A N/A
04/2017 04/2017 INESCAPABLE Adam Sarafina Parmelee N/A N/A
03/2017 03/2017 UNKNOWN Miles End Michael Krol Michael Krol N/A
von bis  
2015 Meisner / Method - Classes & WS´s

Born as Aries in 1992's Hamburg, Michael entered the first set in his life: The world. While growing up, he gained a major interest for Films and acting out different characteristics in daily life. His interest on acting increased proportionally to his age. After a major life change including strong personal development he finally started following his life's path and discovered his true passion.With humble beginnings he developed his mindset and outlook to the craft and industry, so he dedicated himself even more into the profession. After further growth and consistent personal- and spiritual development, he fully committed his life into acting. An excerpt of his beliefs include that a character must be as real as the connected emotion. For the most part, the drive to live through a story truthful in character, makes him obsessed and addicted to acting. Due to character development, he once prepared for a role skipping the gym 2 months, wearing the same clothes as well as not showering for 2 weeks. Additionally he transformed his apartment to a dirty place.To live the life of the character as real as possible and de facto in front of the camera as well as doing intense personal preparation, is mandatory and a necessity, he says and should be the minimum requirement. His work ethic, dedication and determination to create, become and be a character, has a personal reference."Entertaining the audience is one part, the bigger part is to reach them emotionally, touch them, make them cry, make them laugh, make them feel anything and make them forget their own life for a while, inviting them to the world you were creating."