Andy Magro

Andy Magro
Andy Magro
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Andy Magro

Occupational group
Acting age
21 - 36 Years  
163 cm
Place of residence
Baden-Baden | Mannheim | Stuttgart | Mailand | New York | Rome
Steuerlicher Wohnsitz
German (Native language)  | English (US) (Native language)  | Italian (Native language)  | Spanish (fluent)
GER - Baden
Original dialect
GER - Swabian
Pitch of voice
vocal training | ballad | pop
dance education
soccer | golf | tennis | martial arts
Driving licence
A - Motorbike | A1 - Light motorcycle | A2 - Motorcycle up to 35 kW | AM - Moped up to 50 ccm / 45 km/h | B - Car | B - Car (automatic) | B196 - Extension class B / light motorcycle | jetboat driving licence | L - Tractors up to 40 km/h | Mofa test certificate | motorboat driving licence | S - Trike, Quad, Microcars up to 45 km/h | sport boat licence
Special features
singer | model | shooting | singer-songwriter | ten-finger system | green screen | bilingual | influencer | speaker / narrator | tattoo
Hair colour
dark brown
Eye colour
blue and green
Figure / Build
Germany | Italia
grew up in


Talent-Scout Schauspielmanagement

Jelka Niebling-Gielnik
Giesebrechtstr. 10
10629 Berlin
fon +49 (0) 171 4861200
fax +49 (0)3212 - 775 2008


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2020 2020 KOKON - WIE IM SCHMETTERLINGSTRAUM HR Erik Dorian Morgenthaler Alu Films, SAE Institute Stuttgart, Kurzfilm
2018 2018 RAIN MAN PARODY HR Charlie Babbitt Richard Ruisi Dragonfly-FX Entertainment, Kurzfilm
2018 2018 TITANIC PARODY HR Jack Dawson Richard Ruisi Dragonfly-FX Entertainment, Kurzfilm
2013 2013 DER FEIND AN DEINER SEITE HR John Miller, Soldat Richard Ruisi CamShot Entertainment, SAE Institute Stuttgart, Kurzfilm
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2012 2012 BADFLASH HR Confused Man Richard Ruisi, David Stumpe CamShot Entertainment, Kurzfilm
2011 2011 SOKO LEIPZIG - FIGHTCLUB EHR Dennis Kaufmann, Opfer Oren Schmuckler CMR Casting UFA Fiction, ZDF, TV-Serie
2011 2011 A DANGEROUS METHOD NR Jean Martin Freud David Cronenberg Deirdre Bowen, Iris Baumüller RPC Production, Universal Pictures International, Internationaler Kinofilm
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2007 2007 POST VON SALLY HR Alfred im Jugendalter Sarah König Nano Filmproduktion, Kurzfilm
from to Play Role Director Casting Director Theatre
2006 2006 DIE IDEENSCHMIEDE HR Auszubildender Andy Magro Palamides GmbH (Business Theater)
2002 2002 MIT JEANS IN DIE STEINZEIT HR Steinzeithöhlenforscher Verena Kurz Appenbergschule Mönsheim
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2009 2009 GOOD BYE, MICHAEL JACKSON Sprecher/Erzähler Peter Aberle Aberle Media, DVD-Dokumentation
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2019 2019 ANDY MAGRO - I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO HR Singer/Songwriter Andy Magro Dragonfly-FX Entertainment, Odeon TV (Sky Italia), Musikvideo
2005 2005 JOE YOUNG FEAT. INSPECTAH DECK - I DON´T WANNA GO BACK HR Jugendlicher Drogenjunkie Benjamin Eicher Little Brother Films, MTV, VIVA, Musikvideo
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2008 2008 FRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT - KINDERSPIEL HR Jugendlicher Täter Simon Schüller Fraunhofer Institut, WDR, Kinosocialspot
from to  
2020 2020 Los Angeles Acting Conservatory/The Michelle Danner Acting Studio, Intensive film & tv camera acting course (2 months)
2013 2013 The Australian Film & Television Academy [au], 5 months intensive film & tv course with John Orcsik, Jan Russ, Tom McSweeney
2012 2012 Horse Riding For Actors (5 days) intensive Course in Warwickshire with Karl Ude Martinez (Warwick International School of Riding)
2012 2012 The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute - Los Angeles, Method Acting on Camera Workshop in Turin/Rome (5 days) with Anna Strasberg
2011 2012 Bernard Hiller Acting Studio [us], International Bernard Hiller Masterclasses/Workshops in Rom, London und Köln
2009 2010 Schauspielausbildung, Live Act Akademie der Schauspielkunst, Stuttgart (3. und 4. Semester)
2008 2009 Schauspielausbildung, Theater- und Filmakademie, Köln (1. und 2. Semester)

The Magic of Magro's Entertainment

Andy Magro is a multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed German-Italian-American actor, photo model, singer, songwriter, Instagram mid-tier influencer and a global philanthropist with Australian roots. He has shown the world what he can do on the stage, and now his upcoming projects include two ballads, one Italian pop song, one English pop song, and his charity. Magro is a busy, successful man accomplishing so much with his life, sometimes he wishes a day would have forty-eight hours instead of twenty-four hours.

Magro first became interested in acting at the age of thirteen when he created his own drama/film class at the school he attended. Soon he was spread his horizons in the art of acting for many years. For a long time Andy Magro had a lot of difficulty in arriving for auditions due to the fact that he lived in Stuttgart, Germany. Meanwhile the places for filming in Germany are Cologne, Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. Soon at the age of thirteen, Magro joined a good German acting agency, and got his first big break when a filmmaker David Cronenberg gave him a supporting role in a feature film with the catchy title A Dangerous Method.

The movie A Dangerous Method is quite fascinating from a historical perspective. It was nominated in the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. In this production, Andy Magro played the role of a famous person, namely the son of Sigmund Freud, Jean Martin starring Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen, and Michael Fassbender. This role gave Magro a huge opportunity not only to express himself as an actor, but to also work with such prominent stars of the screen.

After this film, Andy Magro continued to act in more feature films, movies, short films, TV shows, series, commercials, and print ads. He continued to pursue his dream of being a famous actor. Apart from his acting, Magro is also involved in the modeling industry, and he was on the front cover of many important brands and has done an excellent job in representing all of them.

Based in Europe, Magro also has an unconditional love for music in all of it's melodious tunes. The release of his album Never Stop Dreaming confirms this. It contains beautiful songs, including one called "Per Sempre", sung entirely in the romantic Italian language. Listening to the EP one can tell that it's not only high-quality music, but it's also very refreshing to hear something new and enticing, which has a different flavor compared to a lot of the mundane pop music playing on the radio today. Due to the beauty of this new kind of pop genre introduced by Magro, it appeals to almost any age group. No matter how young or old anybody and everybody wants to listen to Magro's fantastic music.

The songs created by Magro reflect something new and different. It is melodious, clean, and rhythmic. Music like this is aimed at changing the music industry as opposed to simply continuing with the same ideas repeatedly. These tunes are put together to create a very broad international pop sound. music to become more appealing to the public on the consumer market, the sound has to be more distinctive, because too much of the same sounds will bore the audience and make them move on to another artist.

There is so much talent being displayed in Andy Magro's music one can see it when they listen to the carefully crafted music. Just like his famous fellow popstars, Magro has a natural ability to form unique pop hooks in his music, which has broken a lot of new grounds in the music industry. He crushes all the competition so to speak with his beautiful, pleasant, and soulful vibe. Personally, most of the modern music may be marketable, but it doesn't even come close to the brilliant work done by Magro. The tunes he uses for his songs are so smooth and come together in a marvelous eloquent mix like the mid-tempo ballad "You & Me".

Magro's music is done with such a nice touch, because he is an excellent vocalist, to improve the listening experience of his fans, especially the younger generation who really love him. The music is very genuine as a result of Magro makes his tracks, by avoiding any sort of cryptic and complex lyricism in them, and he touches people's hearts and minds, with how he makes the music as relatable as possible and give it a kind of kindred feel. Both parents, children, and young adults love Magro's songs, as he always knows how to combine lush sounds with adult territory. A perfect example of this is the song "No Turning Back", where Magro goes around effortlessly between melodic singing and rapping verses.

"Per Sempre" is another song which has a most romantic sound to it, and what is interesting about this one, is how it is sung in the Italian language. This song is colorful, enthralling, and full of joy and without a doubt the best love song people can listen to, out of all the other tracks made by Andy Magro. Like the greatest stars in the history of pop music, Magro has his own style with a voice unlike any other one has ever heard, and he has put his soul into his music to reach people in a way that was never thought possible before.

Apart from being a multi-talented artist Magro has a caring heart and he is a true philanthropist. He oversees his charity called the Andy MagroFoundation and he supports the WWF campaign to protect wildlife tigers. This foundation aims to solve problems like climate change, hunger, poverty, and protection for the environment. The world needs more kind people like Magro who are willing to help mankind. What makes this charity different from many of the others in the world, is their approach to the problem of how to fight homelessness and other forms of scarcity. The Andy Magro Foundation doesn't just give people money to keep them poor. They also provide people with the tools, training, support, and resources in order to be successful. As the old saying goes, give a man a fish, he eats for the day. Teach a man to fish, you've fed him for a lifetime.

In short, Andy Magro is a great actor, model, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and more. Someone with his skills and goodwill can certainly have a great career in entertainment, and help people get out of poverty and make their own lives better. As Andy Magro says never stop dreaming!

2021, Malta Film Festival, Festival Award: Best Actor (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2021, Calcutta Int. Film Festival, Golden Fox Award, Best Actor of the Year (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2021, Virgin Spring Cinefest, Golden Galaxy Award, Best Actor of the Year (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2021, One-Reeler Short Film Competition, Special Mention: Best Actor in "Titanic Parody"
2021, Jelly Film Festival, Jelly FEST Award: Best Actor (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Accolade Competition, Award of Recognition: Bester Schauspieler in "Titanic Parody"
2020, Druk Int. Film Festival, Golden Dragon Award, Best Actor of the Year in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, South Film & Arts Academy Fest, Short Film Cast and Crew Award, Best Lead Actor in "Beyond the limits of insanity"
2020, Cult Critic Movie Awards, Best Actor (CCMA Award) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Virgin Spring Cinefest, Bester Schauspieler in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Tagore International Film Festival, Bester Schauspieler in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards, Bester Schauspieler (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Florence Film Awards, Bester Schauspieler (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, New York Movie Awards, Bester Schauspieler (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Kosice International Film Festival, Best Acting Performance - April Award (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, AltFF Alternative Film Festival, Best Actor (Spring Award) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Bester Schauspieler in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, DRUK International Film Festival, DIFF Award, Best Actor in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Kosice International Film Festival, Best Acting Performance (nominated) in "Beyond the limits of insanity"
2020, Indie Short Fest, Best Actor (April Award) (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, IndieX Film Festival, Best Actor (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, World Film Carnival SGP, Best Actor - Outstand. Achievement Award in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Lake View International Film Festival, Jury Prize - Best Male Actor (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, South Film & Arts Academy Fest, Best Lead Actor (Cast & Crew Award) (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Five Continents Internat.Film Festival, Jury Prize - Best Young Actor Short Film in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Best Shorts Competition, Best Actor (nominated) in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, Accolade Competition, Award of Recognition: Bester Schauspieler in "Beyond the limits of insanity"
2020, Florence Film Awards, Bester Schauspieler (nominated) in "Beyond the limits of insanity"
2020, L' Age d'Or Int. Arthouse Film Festival, Bester Schauspieler in "Rain Man Parody"
2020, The Akademia Music Awards, 2020 Artist Vision Award
2019, The Akademia Music Awards, Best Dance/Electronica Song für "You And Me - DJ Sneaky Pete's Remix"
2016, The Akademia Music Awards, Best EP Pop/Rock für "Never Stop Dreaming"