Birgit Thiel

Birgit Thiel
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Birgit Thiel

c/o filmmakers
fon +49 221 167910
Personal contact
+43 680 33 88 993

Year of birth / Acting age
1964 / 53 - 62 Years
Place of residence
Berlin / Potsdam | Cologne | Munich | Paris | Rome
Tax residence
178 cm
Hair colour
Eye colour
blue and gray
Pitch of voice
German | English (fluent) | French (fluent) | Sign language (fluent) | Spanish (fluent)
Original dialect
AUT - Viennese
vocal training | chanson
dance education | tango
badminton | horse riding | alpine skiing | high diving
Special features
visual artist | singer | impro | satirical revue | speaker / narrator | dance
Driving licence
B - Car

from to Production Role Director Casting Director Channel
2012 2013 Bix webserie (Wien)
2011 2011 (P)reise Chirurgin Ioan GAVRILOWITCH Kino (Österreich)
2007 2007 Mikado Freundin einer Gehörlosen Sylvia ZEITLINGER Kino (Österreich)
1998 1998 The ninth Gate Mme. Serafin Roman POLANSKI Kino (Frankreich)
1994 1994 Mesmer Afflicted Roger SPOTTISWOODE Kino (Canada)
1993 1993 Ich gelobe Kellnerin Wolfgang MURNBERGER Kino (Österreich)
1989 1989 Anton Zeitreisende Georg LHOTSKY ORF
from to Play Role Director Casting Director Theatre
1985 2009 Straßen Theater, Österreich
2004 2004 Bassline Mrs. Bagly Graeme MILLER Kino (Österreich)
1987 2004 Versch. Projekte für die Wiener Festwochen
2003 2003 Odeon, Österreich
1995 1998 div. Café-Theater, FR und Ö
1986 1986 Dramatisches Zentrum, Ö
from to  
1987 1987 Theaterschule Philippe GAULIER & Monika Pagneux, Paris
1986 1986 École Jacques LECOQ, LEM - L’Éspace et Movement, Paris
1985 1985 Yves LEBRETON; Italien
1986 1988 Stimmausbildung Roy HART Theater, Malerargues, FR
1997 1999 Stimmbildungsseminare mit Myriam Pfeffer, Yoshi OIDA, J. Theron, Paris
2011 2013 Kameratraining Jerry Coyle und Mel Churcher

„Between the known and the unknown opens a new door“ by Aldous Huxley

Open, courageous, like a pioneer – and versatile: There are some terms, you are bound to, if you want to describe the artist Birgit Thiel. After playing some parts in Vienna she studied with the first nudity dancer Anna Halprin in San Francisco, and acting with Lecoq and Gaullier in Paris and was engaged by the filmmaker Roger Spottiswoode. In Paris she was one of the protagonists of the vanguard cabaret- and theatrescene and sang at the opening of the first erotic museum in Paris. Back in Vienna she sang a cappella and in Sign Language for the Austrian Deaf community in the Odeon-Theatre and nowadays she creates – also as an actress – a new Viennese webserie. Birgit Thiel loves the fresh and the new – and all this abundantly: acting and singing, painting and moderation, performance and presence – right now you can see her on STILBLÜTEN.TV.

Lately Birgit Thiel also wrote the book, "Memoirs of ROLF KUTSCHERA", which appeared in the edition Styria Premium, about the theatre director and pioneer, who established the musical in the German-language territory and build up the "Theater an der Wien", which was called out a mausoleum before he made it to one of the most impressive theaters.

 – right now you can see her on STILBLÜTEN.TV