Das Schauspieler-Verzeichnis.
Ihr Profil im Blickwinkel der Film- und Fernsehmacher.

As a professional actor you can choose between a free basic entry or a perfect detailed profile.

As an agent for professional actors, you present your agency exactly where the industry is looking for it.

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basic entry
at no charg at no charge
Publication of master data incl. agency contact for acting companies
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Video link to a reel published on the Internet
Link Actor homepage & agency profile
Publication of private contact data (if required)
Publication of the CV (film and TV, theatre, education, advertising, internet and audio)
Personalized direct link to the profile + social media buttons
Top listing function: when searching for castors, display of the profile before the basic entries
Presentation of a CASTCLIP directly in the profile
Publication of the video by filmmakers incl. personalized video link
Alternativ Betreuung des fm Videos durch unser erfahrenes Technik-Team
* We have agreed a discount of €10.00 on a VE or VE+ with various agencies. Please feel free to ask us whether you too can benefit from this.
Members of the BFFS or VÖ:FS pay €64.00 for the VE and €94.00 for the VE+. With the special tariff 70+, the annual fee for actresses and actors from the age of 70 is reduced to €59.00 for a VE and €89.00 for the VE+.
Young actresses and actors up to the age of 21 years and drama students pay €49.00 for the VE and €79.00 for the VE+ annually.
Graduates of most acting schools can use the VE+ for up to two years free of charge at the time of their graduation.
All prices include 19% VAT. The end date of the accounting period is decisive for determining the amount of VAT (Section 13.1 Paragraph 3 UStAE)