Daniel Grave

Daniel Grave
Daniel Grave
© Daniel Grave 

Daniel Grave

Occupational group
Acting age
26 - 36 Years  
188 cm
Place of residence
Berlin / Potsdam | Cologne | Los Angeles
Steuerlicher Wohnsitz
German (Native language) | English (US) (Native language) | French (Basic skills) | Hebrew (Basic skills) | Yiddish (good)
GER - Baden | GER - Berlin
Pitch of voice
Musical instruments
standard dance
stage fight | fitness training | skateboard
Driving licence
B - Car
Special features
bilingual | speaker / narrator | dubbing
Hair colour
Eye colour
grey and green
Figure / Build
athletic / sporty


Friends Connection Agency

Isabelle Münch
Ritterstr. 56
10969 Berlin
fon +49(0)30 - 48 49 54 39
fax +49(0)30 - 48 49 54 64


from to Production Role Director Casting Director Channel
2021 Träume Benjamin Thomas Schroll
2021 UnIdentical Jimmy, Sam Ole Micha
2021 Atomen Günter Kate Cragg Chalkcross Films
2021 Lili Marleen Pvt. Manning Jonathan Williams Paralight Worx
2021 D-Day Plus 2 The Soldier From South Carolina Adrian Martin, Ludwig Bachmann Paralight Worx
2020 Kreas Marko Jannis Grigoriadis
2019 Das Schwarze Haus Jasper Davidson Agnes Regan & Theresa Sophie Albert
2018 Cord NR / Supporting Tim Garde Tim Garde Produktion
2018 The Last Christians HR / Lead David Lichtenauer Kurzfilm
2018 Nah am Feuer HR / Lead Brigitte SImons Kurzfilm
2017 Mama HR / Lead Ervin Sinon Kurzfilm
2017 Papa HR / Lead Ervin Sinon Kurzfilm
2016 I Thought You Were Gay (HR) HR / Lead Ina Reni Musik Video/Reni/Wüstner Prod
2016 Der Sympath HR / Lead Ervin Sinon Kurzfilm
2015 The Recruit HR / Lead D. Blakeley Short
2015 Flight World War II NR / Supporting Emile E. Smith The Asylum
2015 Don't Tell Mom and Dad NR / Supporting Cody Duvall Kurzfilm
2014 Darkness is the Absence of Light HR / Lead Hyu Lim Kurzfilm
2014 Fennel Stalk HR / Lead Jerry Jing Kurzfilm
2012 Little 13 NR / Supporting Christian Klandt Kino / X Filme Verleih
2012 Beziehungsstatus HR / Lead Ole Micha Kurzfilm
from to Play Role Director Casting Director Theatre
2019 Born in East Berlin Gerhard Johanna McKeon English Theatre Berlin
2016 Blutgeld - Adenauers Weg Liam Ulf Dietrich Altes Schauspielhaus Stuttgart
2014 Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'Roll HR Drew Knigga AADA Theatre, L.A.
2014 Hashtag Hamlet Hamlet Debra DeLiso AADA Theatre, L.A.
2014 Search & Destroy Kim Joe J. Garcia AADA Theatre, L.A.
2014 Hay Fever David Jules Aaron AADA Theatre, L.A.
2013 Laughter on the 23rd Floor Val Tim Landfield AADA Theatre, L.A.
2013 Prelude to a Kiss Old Man Judith Bohannon AADA Theatre, L.A.
2013 The Man Who Came to Dinner Westcott Carl Reggiardo AADA Theatre, L.A.
2012 The Baby Dance Richard Mark Knowles AADA Theatre, L.A.
2012 Jenö war mein Freund Vater Sascha Römisch Stadttheater Ingolstadt
from to Title Role Director Casting Director Comment
2019 Der Augenjäger (Sebastian Fitzek) John Johanna Steiner Audible
from to  
2019 2019 Mel Churcher Acting Workshop
2018 2018 Bodo Fürneisen Working with A Director Workshop
2017 2019 Die Tankstelle Berlin - Wöchentliches Training
2016 2016 Schauspiel Coaching. Tim Garde, Berlin
2014 2015 Schauspiel Coaching, Donna Morong, L.A.
2012 2014 American Academy of Dramatic Arts, L.A.

Best Ensemble Cast for "Don't Tell Mom and Dad", Revolution Me Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY (Nomination)