Emil Gallé Moone

Emil Gallé Moone

Emil Gallé Moone

Actors & Company Künstleragentur
Mag. Evelyn Kreitner-Lindorfer
Horneckgasse 6/4
1170 Wien
fon +43 - 1 - 485 61 51
Personal contact

Acting age
50 - 60 Years
Place of residence
San Diego / Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Tax residence
grew up in
180 cm
Figure / Build
athletic / sporty
Hair colour
dark blond
Eye colour
Pitch of voice
German (fluent) | English (fluent) | Croatian (good)
Original dialect
AUT - Viennese
AUT - Viennese
Musical instruments
recorder | guitar
boxing | paragliding | martial arts | karate | climbing | mountain bike | sailing | alpine skiing | apnea diving | scuba diving | tennis | windsurfing
Special features
stuntfight work permit for the USA or Greencard | SAG-AFTRA mehr >
Driving licence
A - Motorbike | B - Car

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2019 BadMintons Athlet Tommy Anderson, Joe Coumos Harold Frazer San Diego 48 Hours
2018 Sonny Days Obdachloser Marco "Westwood" Gonzalez Marco "Westwood" Gonzalez Kinofilm
2018 The Harvest Bürgermeister Harold Frazer Harold Frazer San Deigo 48 Hours
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2012 Choice - Auswahl Hauptrolle Dave Lojek Kurzfilm
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2002 Kinderwunsch Ehemann ATV Fernsehfilm
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2001 Willkommen Ö. Interviewter Fernsehbeitrag ORF
2001 Mann und Frau Hauptrolle Bernadette Weigel Kurzfilm
from to  
2013 2014 Privatschauspielunterricht mit Dunja Tot
2013 2014 Englisch Phonetikkurs (Open Acting Academy)
2012 2012 Work Out Kurs mit Dunja Tot und Gabriele Buch (in Wien) Schwerpunkte: Sprache im Film und TV; Großaufnahmen
2013 2013 Moderations und Casting Training mit Dunja Tot und Angelika Kropej
2012 2012 Castingkurs mit Gabriele Buch (in Wien)
2009 2012 Improvisationskurs mit Werner Landsgesell (in Wien)
2009 2012 Schauspielschule und Privatschauspielunterricht (Open Acting Academy, 1050 Wien); Sprechkurse, Phonetikkurse, AKS-Kurse etc. Privatschauspielunterricht mit Marcus Josef Weiss
1997 1999 Lee Strasberg Institute + 1 Jahr Practical Training Acting in front of the camera mit ANTHONY CALDARELLA
1998 1998 Commercial workshop mit Pamela Campus - Los Angeles

I was nominated for an Oscar.

Wow that was thrilling. My wife and I arrived at the red carpet. Our driver opened the Cadillac doors. The photographers took

already pictures of us (with the old flashlights; you had to change them after each picture). All these flashes. It was already dark.

I waved to the crowd, which was applauding. It was so exciting. And it took place in the Warner Brother Studios over 20 years ago.

They chose me and a nice lady as my wife. I supposed to be either Stanley Kubrick or Karl Malden, even though I don’t have such

a nose as Karl Malden. It was the movie “Dorothy Dandridge”. Halle Berry played Dorothy Dandridge, who was the first African

American actress nominated for an Oscar in the nineteen fifties. And they took more takes. So I could enjoy again and again the

awesome atmosphere. I’ll never forget that.

Actually they didn’t use this scene in the movie, but that doesn’t matter. The experience itself was just worth it.

And one day before this great shot for me I had the honor to hold Halle Berry on her feet when she just lied in Bikini in front of me.

They didn’t use this scene either.