J. David Hinze

J. David Hinze
J. David Hinze
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J. David Hinze

Occupational group
Acting age
42 - 62 Years  
186 cm
Place of residence
Berlin / Potsdam | Dresden | Frankfurt/Main / Rhine-Main | Hamburg | Cologne | Leipzig | Munich | Münster | Nuremberg | Stuttgart | Vienna | Zurich | Amsterdam | Athens | Barcelona | Brussels | Budapest | Copenhagen | Lisbon | London | Los Angeles | Madrid | New York | Paris | Prague | Rome | San Francisco | Warsaw
Steuerlicher Wohnsitz
German (Native language) | English (US) (Native language) | Italian (fluent)
Pitch of voice
Musical instruments
electric bass | electric guitar | guitar
vocal training | country | funk | song | musical | opera | operetta | pop | rock | soul
american football | badminton | baseball | basketball | beach volleyball | bowling | stage fight | frisbee | golf | inline skating | shot put | athletics | miniature golf | alpine skiing | softball | shooting | squash | tennis | table tennis | volleyball
Driving licence
A - Motorbike | B - Car | motorboat driving licence
Special features
work permit for the USA or Greencard | bilingual | combat shooting | comedy | singer | green screen | impro | hunter | composition | model | presenting | motion capturing actor | motorcycle sport | musical performer | director | shooting | SAG-AFTRA | singer-songwriter | slapstick | speaker / narrator | studio musician | dubbing | theatre pedagogy | trick voice | ten-finger system
Hair colour
dark blond
Eye colour
Figure / Build
athletic / sporty
Germany | The United States


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from to Production Role Director Casting Director Channel
2020 2021 THE TRAIL (Der Pfad) Officer Murphy (SR) Tobias Wiemann Suse Marquardt Warner Bros., Eyrie Entertainment, Fasten Films, Hamster Film
2020 GUNS AKIMBO (Starring: Daniel Radcliffe & Samara Weaving) CNN Anchor (SR) Jason Lei Howden Dixie Chassay Distribution: Altitude Film Entertainment, Hyperi
2020 THE NEW POPE (Starring: Jude Law, John Malkovich & Sharon Stone) Leopold Essence (SR) Paolo Sorrentino Annamaria Sambucco HBO / Sky Television
2019 HEAD FULL OF HONEY (Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon, Emily Mortimer, Jacqueline Bisset, Eric Roberts, Claire Forlani) The Priest (SR) Til Schweiger Iris Baumüller Barefoot Films & Warner Bros. Pictures
2019 DOUK [US] (Starring: Roseanne Supernault & Justin Rain) The Man with the Blonde Hair (LR) Michelle Hernandez Filming Locations: Humboldt County, California, US
2019 HITLER'S FINAL OFFENSIVE (Nazi Megastructures) [UK] Generalfeldmarschall Gerd Von Rundstedt (LR) Ashley Morris National Geographic Channel International TV
2019 D-DAY (Nazi Megastructures) [UK] Generalfeldmarschall Gerd Von Rundstedt (LR) Ashley Morris National Geographic Channel International TV
2018 Gezeichnet / Scarred Dr. Wagner Carolin Jahn Carolin Jahn & Andrea Düben, Filmproduktion (post)
2017 2018 BEETROOT (TV Series Concept/Pilot) Max (LR) Andrew McCarger tba.
2016 2017 REPLACE (Starring: Barbara Crampton & Rebecca Forsythe) Detective Loomis (Toronto Police Dept.) Norbert Keil Sparkling Pictures [ca/de] / Wild Bunch
2017 DEATH and VIRTUE The Whisperer Simon Spieske Flaremedia, Spieske & Pilarski (post)
2017 BAKU Safe City Police Director Frank Morgan (HR) Burak Ekin Burak Ekin Filmproduktion [tr]
2017 CROSSING OVER Hank Prettyman Mark Haldor Amazon Prime [UK]
2015 EIN WILLKOMMENER FEIND (EN - A Welcome Enemy) Wilhelm (HR) Philip Lehmenkühler ABK Maastricht [nl]
2015 The Hitchhiker Mark Seymour , Manager (HR) Fivaz Buys FF Film Productions
2015 Der Pirat der Königin (EN - THE QUEEN'S PIRATE) TerraX King Philipp II of Spain & Portugal (HR) Robert Schotter arte / ZDF - taglicht media
2015 LUIS TRENKER - Der schmale Grat der Wahrheit (Staring: Tobias Moretti) Max, Manager - Hollywood Film Producer Wolfgang Murnberger Kathrin Kuentzel-Sedler BR / ORF / ARD - Roxy Film
2014 Best Boy in Town Reader Roman Przylipiak One Production [pl]
2014 DESTINIES [English title] John Parker, Fencing-Coach Andy Klein Sat.1 Television
from to Play Role Director Casting Director Theatre
The Marriage of Figaro Conte Almaviva (HR) Dr. William Winden The Landscaped Forest, Evergreen State College Cam
Oklahoma Curley (HR) Vern Ek Capitol Theater, Olympia Washington
The Consul Mr. Koffner Dr. William Winden Black Box, Olympia Washington
West Side Story Tony (HR) Bud Johansen The Experimental Theater, Olympia Washington
The Great Rage of Philip Hotz Philip (HR) Steven Stein Penthouse Theater, Seattle
The Mikado Nanki Poo (HR) Vince Liotta Meany Hall Auditorium, Seattle
The Merry Wives of Windsor Ford Jeff Caldwell Meany Studio Theater, Seattle
Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? Bickam (HR) Steven Stein Glen Huges Theater, Seattle
Die Zauberflöte Papageno (HR) Vince Liotta Bach Theater, Seattle Washington
Götterdämmerung (Wagner’s Ring der Nibelungen cycle) Nibelungen Stage Chorus François Rochaix Seattle Opera
Gallantry Dr. Gregg (HR) Dr. William Winden Experimental Theater, Olympia Washington
Carry Nation Dr. Charles Gloyd Dr. William Winden Black Box, Olympia Washington
Candide Maximilian (HR) Dr. William Winden Arts Symposium, Experimental Theater, Olympia Wash
Bye Bye Birdie Conrad Birdie (HR) Matt Herinckx Capital Auditorium, Olympia Washington
Little Mary Sunshine Captain “Big Jim“ Warrington (HR) Matt Herinckx Capital Auditorium, Olympia Washington
from to Title Rolle Director Casting Director Comment
2014 ISPI NEXT, Film - Sequel Robert Ilgner, After Sales Manager (HR) Ingo Häckes BMW AG Film - Regiepapst
2014 ISPI NEXT, Film (BMW sitcom) Robert Ilgner, After Sales Manager (HR) Ingo Häckes BMW AG Film - Regiepapst
from to  
2017 2018 Brian Reise Acting Studio, West Hollywood, USA (Los Angeles Camera Acting, Film & Television Cold Reading)
2017 Playhouse West, North Hollywood, USA (Meisner)
1986 1989 University of Washington - School of Drama (one of the top 25 acting schools in the world according to "The Hollywood Reporter) University of Washington
1982 1986 The Evergreen State College - School of Performing Arts
2018 Action Acting , Cinematic Hand-to-Hand Combat & Firearms, Hollywood, USA (Stuart Wilson/ Bruce Willis
Special features (selection)
BFFS Camera Acting Group Munich, 2014-2015
Scene Study 2013-2015

Biography - J.David Hinze

An American/German character actor known for his authentic, naturalistic acting style, wide range, magnetic on-screen-presence and his deep, rich voice but he is perhaps best known internationally for his iconic character, the diabolical, dangerous and mysterious eye-patch-donning priest, Leopold Essence in Oscar winning director Paolo Sorrentino's THE NEW POPE (Jude Law, John Malkovich, Sharon Stone, Cécile de France and Ludivine Sagnier).

He also recently worked with Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon, Emily Mortimer and Jacqueline Bisset in Til Schweiger's HEAD FULL OF HONEY and appeared in GUNS AKIMBO (Daniel Radcliffe & Samara Weaving).

At the age of 49, J.David Hinze was neither frequenting movie/TV sets nor was he running lines with international stars of the screen. He was a Senior Management Consultant, directly advising industry leaders such as CFOs, CROs and Country-Managers of Fortune-100 Blue-Chip companies in Europe and the US. But a major shift was rapidly approaching that had been many years in the making.

In his early 20s, as a post-graduate student in Opera Production, he was asked by an instructor to stay and have a talk after an advanced acting class. The instructor (Judy Dickerson) caught him completely off guard as she explained that she was convinced that he had the talent to make it as a working actor, that she was sure that he could at least pay the rent and perhaps much more if he were to make acting his career choice. She insisted that he promise her that he would seriously pursue acting in his future life. He promised.

At the age of 50, after a period of intensive soul-searching, he decided he had no choice but to make good on that promise. It was the quiet, persistent insistence over two-and-a-half decades of a voice inside that didn’t explain itself, the voice of the heart, that finally won out. While other endeavors had been worthwhile, necessary and rewarding, he finally surrendered to the fact that despite years of spirited resistance and a consistent campaign of outright denial, acting, in all of its facets, would be and had always been his true vocation.

As a complete unknown, starting out in middle-age with no credits and no industry connections, the odds of success were abysmal. But with the skills, self-discipline and penchant for exhaustive preparation developed over years in the worlds business and IT, coupled with a long pent-up immense reservoir of unexpressed youthful passion, he proceeded to secure roles in short-films and student-projects to amass footage for a reel. That video-reel would have one purpose, to do what no collection of words ever could. It would attempt to show the casting director, director and producer that he could act.

And one by one, they began to notice.

Since returning to acting, J.David Hinze has appeared in TV and film productions shot in the U.K., the U.S., Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Azerbaijan.

With major projects in planning for 2021-22, it would seem that “If it’s truly from the heart, it’s never too late.”

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